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A good professional deep clean for your carpet once in a while can be really beneficial. It’s a great way to ensure that its stripped from all the unsightly stains, nasty odors and invisible organisms living in it.

Still, how do you know when to get a professional deep clean? If you’re wondering this yourself, don’t worry! Elite Cleanpro in Palm Desert will share a few signs that a deep clean for your carpet is due.

How to Tell if Your Carpet Needs a Professional Deep Clean 

1. When the color in your carpet starts to fade away.
2. You can notice dust building up in the depths of your carpet, no matter how much you vacuum.
3. Your carpet’s appearance is more stain than its actual color and you can’t get rid of them on your own.
4. There are clear signs of mold or other organisms present in the carpet.
5. When you can smell your carpet and it isn’t a pleasant odor, even though you’ve tried to get rid of it.
6. If there are any noticeable dents or looseness in the carpet’s fibers.
7. When there’s been a disaster at home (like a flood) that damaged your carpet.
8. If you take note that it’s been over a year from the last time you deep cleaned it.

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