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Having a cozy home is a bliss. It will provide you and your family with a comfortable environment to enjoy after a long day.  Accomplishing it requires constant maintenance, and one of the key areas you have to look after is your upholstery.

Paying attention to your upholstery is the first step to having a tidy home, and at Elite Cleanpro in Palm Desert, we know how to do it.  


The first step for having spotless upholstery is using needle and thread to sew your damaged upholstery. Common use is the main cause for this condition, and it shouldn’t represent any problem to repair. 


Vacuum cleaning your upholstered furniture should be a part of your cleaning routine. It will avoid that dust and debris set on your upholstery! Remember that your vacuum cleaner has many tools to reach those elusive spots. 

Pet Problems

If you have pets, it's very possible that you will have to deal with fur. There are many ways to get rid of it. Our favorite is wrapping adhesive tape on your hand and use the sticky part to collect the fur.


The easiest way to avoid spills and stains is to ban food and drinks near your upholstery. This is difficult and accidents happen very often. Remember to treat the spill immediately and check the care label for care instructions.

Avoid Fading 

Sunlight overexposure will fade the color of your upholstery. Place your furniture on places where there is no direct sun exposure.

Calling the professionals is part of a comprehensive cleaning. If you are dealing with a stubborn stain, odor or you need a thorough clean up, Cleanpro offers you an exclusive system that will deal with your carpet or upholstery problem. Think about us the next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Palm Desert.

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