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We all have a piece of wood furniture or two that we love, or perhaps that needs some love in order to be what we’d really want it to be. If the furniture is old, expensive, or just well loved, it might be scary to experiment with cleaners, as we want to be sure to take care of it! Today we at Cleanpro Elite would like to share a few simple ways to ensure you get your wooden surfaces well cleaned, while doing so safely, and with care. 

General Cleaning

- Be sure to DUST your wooden furniture regularly. You can use any type of feather duster or terry cloth towel to do so. As long as you are not scrubbing the wood, you are doing well. 
- Do not use all purpose sprays on your wooden furniture unless it contains a plastic coating-usually kitchen tables will have this coating and wooden furniture designed with children in mind, will as well
- There are any number of wood surface cleaners you can use, or even make your own
- Unless the wood is an antique, use store bought surface cleaners with no fear unless the manufacturer has told you otherwise

Polishes and Waxes

- Remember that polishes which advertize protection of the wood protect it in making it more slippery, not in actually providing a hardened shell-so just because your furniture is protected, you should still be cautious
- oil based solvents are going to make your wood surfaces smear more easily 
- wax does provide a harder outer shell for the furniture, so it is recommended to apply it in order to ensure your furniture is protected
- both liquid and paste wax are recommendable
       - liquid will be easier to apply but will not last as long and need to be reapplied more frequently 
       - a good application of paste wax can last for a few years, but will be more difficult and time consuming to apply originally   

Deep Cleaning

- Mix an oil soap and water to begin the deep cleaning process of your wooden surfaces
- if the the wood still looks grimy, you can try using steel wool and soapy water to clean-be very careful and use a low grade steel wool
- remember that it is recommended that you not use turpentine or white vinegar based solutions as these can quite possibly darken the wood

Now that your wood furniture is looking absolutely gorgeous, you might look around the room and realize the carpet doesn’t match it in beauty, and that it is time for a professional carpet cleaning. No problem. Contact us at Elite Cleanpro to see how we can really help you clean your carpets and gain another satisfied customer! Give us a call to find out how we can help you and to schedule a consultation for carpet cleaning in Palm Desert, (760) 501-7843.

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