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Mold is a disgusting fungus that lives with us in the air we breathe and the dust in our homes. However, if left alone, it can grow into a full-on health hazard! That’s why it’s important to clean thoroughly, dry up any spills, and ventilate our rooms properly.

Nonetheless, there are times that even after we take all these precautions, mold can be found in our house, and even in our seemingly clean carpets! In this post, Elite Cleanpro in Palm Desert has a few tips on how you can identify it in your flooring.

How to Detect Mold in Your Carpet

Smell Intently

We all know what mold smells like: it’s that horrifying “rotten egg” scent that makes the whole place seem stuffy and unfresh. Keep your nose on high alert, and if you detect that odor in your home, know that it’s possible that mold is hiding near.

Look for Clues

Now that you’ve identified the smell, you need to locate the spot where it’s coming from. As you know, mold doesn’t have just a horrible scent, but an unsightly appearance, too. It can appear as black/greenish stains in your carpet.

Get Touchy Feely

If you want to make extra sure that those spots on your carpet aren’t just regular stains, you’ll need to get a bit touchy feely. Place your hand over the suspected area and sense if there’s any dampness or a spongy feeling. Make sure to wash it thoroughly after!

Expose the Damage

Now, it’s time to assess the damage done by the mold! If possible, try to lift the area of the carpet where the fungus is present. By doing so, you’ll be able to see how bad the problem is and to determine if you can tackle it or if you’ll need an expert team to deal with it.

For Carpet Cleaning in Palm Desert

If you’ve found horrible mold lurking around in your carpet, you’ll need an expert team to come clean it up. The CLEANPRO® CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM is a no-water method that’ll clean your floor spotless, without leaving it wet (and more mold prone!). Call (760) 501-7843 to get the best service and results in town.

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