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Cleanpro Elite Carpet Cleaners would like to give you a few tips on picking out the right carpet for your lifestyle. A wall to wall carpet is a big  investment for your home and you want to choose one that will continue to look and feel good under your feet.

What is your lifestyle? 

Are you a clean freak? Do you have children? Do you have pets? If you live alone, have no pets, children, or parties, and you only drink white beverages, you may want to buy a triple-plush, white carpet. It certainly looks walking on a fluffy cloud. However, if you have a husband, four rambunctious kids, three dogs, two cats, and a turtle, you may want to get a multi-colored, high traffic, low looped carpet. 

Where do you Live?

Here in Palm Desert, California the climate is arid and hot with a low amount of rain which means you will not have too much of a mold problem. However, you do have sand and that stuff can go deep into your carpet fibers and eventually ruin your carpet. Choosing a low pile, nylon fiber carpet will make it easier to vacuum up heavy sand. If you live in a tropical climate, prone to mold, you may go for a wool carpet which can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.

Pet & Kid Friendly Carpet

Some carpets have been specifically designed to prevent pet and spill stains from soaking through to your carpet padding, where the moisture can promote bacteria and mold growth. Pick out colors or patterns that would hide pet hair better than others. So if you have a white Persian cat, you would not want a black carpet. Once you've installed your beautiful, pet and kid-friendly carpet, be sure to clean it often and well.

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