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Your carpet provides a great environment to your house and in return it only asks for regular maintenance. The best way to take care of your carpet is vacuuming, but to work properly, your vacuum cleaner also requires especial cares.

At Cleanpro in Palm Desert, we know the importance of this appliance to keep your house tidy. That’s why, we tell you a few tips to give maintenance to your vacuum cleaner.

Know your Vacuum Cleaner 

Sure, operating a vacuum cleaner isn’t difficult but make sure to read the product manual to learn everything about your cleaner; there you will find specifications, cares and other important information you have to know!

Replacement Bags

All that dust and debris have to go somewhere, make sure to check constantly the replacement bags. Once they are half full, they will lose power and will overheat your vacuum cleaner!


Remember to check the filters constantly; they are filled with hair, dirt and other debris that can negatively affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Check the users manual for instructions; in some models they need to be replaced, while in others they can be washed.

These simple tips will give the maintenance your vacuum cleaner needs, and they will avoid expensive repairs! Don’t forget about this guide of vacuum cleaner types.

Sometimes, your vacuum cleaner isn’t enough to handle stubborn stains or a thorough cleaning, don’t worry! Professional cleaning is recommended every six months and at CLEANPRO, we’ve got what you need! The CLEANPRO® CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM dries in 1-2 hours, so forget about having a wet carpet for days, plus you will avoid breeding bacteria and fungi.

Think about us, next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Palm Desert.

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