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If you’ve got wall to wall carpet in your home, you surely do your best to keep the carpet clean and free from wear and stains. However, accidents certainly can happen and sometimes that means you’re left with a stain you just can’t get out, mold in an area of your carpet, or a hole that you’re not sure how to repair. Today, Elite Cleanpro in Palm Desert would like to share a simple way you can replace or patch a portion of your carpet. 

First, you need to find a piece to replace the ruined section of carpet. Ideally, if you’ve got a few left over pieces from the installation, that would be your first option. However, if you do not have leftover pieces, don’t fear. You can take a piece of carpet from a closet in your home to use. If you choose later to replace that small patch of carpet in the closet, it won’t matter so much if the color is off a bit. 

Once you’ve got your piece of carpet, remember that you may also want to replace the padding underneath if it is damaged or stained. If the padding has not been damaged then do not cut through it and replace the carpet only. 

You’ll want to carefully cut your piece of carpet, ensuring that you cut more than you need, so that you can shape it as necessary in the area you are replacing. 

Next, use a piece of tape to show the direction of the carpet fibers. This will help you when you go to replace the carpet, to correctly place the carpet so that the carpet fibers from the replacement and the rest of the carpet are going in the same direction. 

Using a piece of fabric and fabric glue, you’ll be able to keep the carpet firmly in place. Tuck the piece of fabric under the carpet and secure it with the fabric glue. Then, using the fabric glue again, secure the carpet to the fabric. 

While you are waiting for the fabric glue to dry, you can take your finger and rub around the edge of the new piece of carpet to blend the carpet fibers with the rest of the carpet. After the glue has dried, vacuum the area and it should look as good as new. 

Once you’ve replaced the piece of carpet, you may step back and see that your carpet could benefit from an overall cleaning. There is nothing better than a professional carpet cleaning. For carpet cleaning in Palm Desert remember us at Elite Cleanpro. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and set up an appointment, (760) 501-7843.

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