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The football season is almost over and with it all the excitement and good memories only this great sport can deliver. But after that touchdown or tight victory your game snacks and beverage can spill and damage your carpet.

Here at Elite Clean Pro in Palm Desert we share your enthusiasm for this sport but we also share your passion for keeping your house clean. That’s why we give you a few tips on how to deal with those stains after your game. 

This is a tricky one you will need 3 cups of warm water mixed with liquid detergent. Spray the area and blot with a clean cloth. Once the stain is gone, use your vacuum cleaner to absorb the moisture and the remaining cleaning solution.

For this one you will immediately blot the beer with a clean cloth while you mix a cup of water with some detergent. Spray the area and again blot the area. Now it’s time to dry vacuum the and after that leave a cloth on the spot so it can absorb the remaining moisture. 

Remove the dip from your carpet with a blunt knife or a spoon and make sure you don’t spread it. Now put some water in the stain and with a clean cloth blot it! In the meantime mix ammonia and water and let it work on the stain for a few minutes. Again, blot the solution and vacuum the moisture. 

Having fun during a game doesn’t have to be limited by your carpet! Just make sure you act quick enough because those stains can settle!

If you are looking for a thorough carpet cleaning in Palm Desert then think about Elite Clean Pro. Our cleaning system will give your carpet that tidy and brand new look you want for your so it can be ready for when the next football season starts. For inquiries please call (760) 989-1303

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