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Your dog is a great companion that will always be waiting for you after a long day, ready to welcome you with its tail wagging. However, if your pup is particularly excitable, this greeting can sometimes include ‘accidents’ on your carpet.

Sure, it’s not the right behaviour and they need to be trained not to, but before you do this you will have to deal with the smells and stains. For this reason, at Elite Cleanpro in Palm Desert, we would like to tell you about an easy way to remove dog pee from your carpet. 

Locating the Area

The affected area may be dry by now, so you will have to use your sense of smell to find it, or you could also use a blacklight to reveal the exact location and even previous stains you didn’t notice. 

Cleaning Solution

If the area is still wet, try absorbing as much moisture as possible by placing paper towels on the spot or using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Now, it’s time to create your cleaning solution; mix 2 cups warm water and 2 cups white vinegar in a spray bottle and add 4 teaspoons baking soda. Spray your solution over on the spot, leave it for a while, and then remove it with your vacuum cleaner.   


Even if you don’t notice it, the slightest remaining odor can attract your pet back to the area. Activated charcoal is great to absorb any lingering odor, plus it’s inexpensive and won’t affect your home’s indoor air quality. 

This simple method will help you remove the stains and odors any accidents may leave. Be sure to also read this previous post containing tips to remove odors in your home

Keep in mind that it’s recommended you get your carpet cleaned by professionals at least twice a year, and it should be more often if you have children and pets. Plus it’s a great way to welcome your guests during these holidays. If you are currently looking for carpet cleaning in Palm Desert, think about Elite CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system was designed to overcome the usual problems created by outdated methods such as steam cleaning.

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