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Proper carpet maintenance can certainly extend the life of your carpet, especially when you are getting your carpets cleaned professionally. Remember these tips to know when it is time for a professional carpet cleaning. However, there will inevitably be a time in the life of your carpet when you decide it is time for your relationship to come to an end. Today, Elite Cleanpro would like to share four hints that let you know when that time has come. 

If you’ve begun to strategically place furniture or rugs over stains you can’t seem to remove, or tears in inconvenient places, it may be time to consider replacing your existing carpet. 

Though Cleanpro can certainly help you to remove odors from your carpet, there may come a time when you are noticing a distinct smell that will not go away. If that’s the case, you simply cannot hesitate any longer. 

If you are noticing increased allergies in family members or even pets, you may consider that you’re carpet is getting too old and dirty. Remember that after about 10 years with a carpet, it becomes ultimately necessary to replace it. 

This is not only due to the carpet fibers themselves, but also the carpet padding. Remember that your carpet padding does a lot of work. Not only does it act as a foundation for the carpet, it also creates a softer, richer look. Not only is it subject to wear and tear, in the form of flattened portions perhaps, but it also absorbs some spills. It is important to remember this, and that it may be time to have it replaced. 

If you’re still not sure that it’s time to replace your carpet, certainly consider having it cleaned by the experts at Cleanpro. For carpet cleaning in Palm Desert, be sure to contact us at (760) 501-7843. Remember, Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets!

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