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When you finally take the plunge and realize it is time to depart with your carpet from your carpet, you’ll need to make a list of what you’re looking for in order to get the best new option for yourself and your family. Today at Cleanpro Elite we would like to help provide you with some information about the carpet options available to you, and what might work best for your living situation. 

Sticking to the Budget

It is good to begin looking around, investigating how much carpet actually costs. Make a budget based on what you’ve learned and be sure to stick to your budget. Yes, you will want to get a carpet that is functional and fashionable, but remember what you’ve got to spend. 

Types of Carpet to Consider

- Plush carpets are wonderful. They’re very soft and rather beautiful. However, they will show any foot traffic and will be difficult to maintain without foot prints. This carpet is best in rooms that do not see a lot of foot traffic and not recommended in homes with children or pets. 
- Berber carpets are made with more durable fibers that will last longer and show wear and tear less. They do not quickly absorb liquids and are therefore great for homes with children or perhaps even accident prone adults. 
- Textured carpets may provide the best of both worlds. They are made with fibers of differing heights, helping to reflect light, making stains and dirt less visible. If you go with a textured berber option, you’ll find the perfect mixture for pets and children. 

What about colors and patterns? 

- It is important to know what you wish to accomplish, not only with the carpet, but with the room you are placing it in. 
- Do you consider that the carpet will act as a focal point in the room? If so, you may want to get a deeper or more overstated pattern of carpet.
- If you’ve got a room with some great art or bold paint colors, you may consider getting a light carpet that will blend in with the surroundings.
- Remember, to make a room look larger, you’ll want a lighter carpet-perhaps beige or tan. 
- To make a room appear smaller and cozier, go with a deeper, darker color. 

Going Green

Consider some environmentally friendly options, especially if you have someone in the home who suffers from allergy problems. 
- There are carpets made from recycled plastic water bottles
- Consider one of the many organic options
- Remember that a main ingredient in many non-organic carpet options is formaldehyde, which can be hazardous and cause allergy issues 

Understanding Maintenance

Be sure to talk with the sales associate to find out as much as you can about how the carpet should be cleaned. If the carpet requires very special attention, and you know that you are not able to keep up with it, reconsider that option. If you know that you’ll have limited time, look for one of the options with easier cleaning associated with it. You know yourself and your family, be sure to keep them in mind. 

Once you’ve decided on a new carpet, don’t forget to have a professional handy when you are ready to have your first professional carpet cleaning. For carpet cleaning in Palm Desert, contact Cleanpro Elite at (760) 501-7843. Remember, Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets!

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