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Shoes are a fashionable way to protect your feet, but after a long day all you are looking forward to is take them off! That’s a good reason to remove them before entering your home, in fact there are many arguments why you should do it; especially if you have carpet.

At Elite Cleanpro in Palm Springs, we know how much you like to keep your house tidy. That’s why we recommend you, to remove your shoes before entering your home. 

This is why your shoes should stay outside:

Just Think About It

The streets are not the cleanest place, and that means that there are millions of bacteria that you will bring home, and this even includes animal waste! If this wasn’t enough, recent studies have found that there are more germs in your shoe soles than in a toilet! 


There is another thing you have to worry about, and that’s dust.  As you know; dirt is the invitation for dust mites that trigger allergies and develop asthma. So you definitely don’t want them dwelling in your carpet’s fibers.


So what should you do? Well, taking your shoes off before entering your house is the obvious answer, but that doesn’t mean you should go barefooted. Remember, your skin produces oil that will attract dust and other debris. So stick to slippers and socks.

Your Policy

Ask your guests to take off their shoes, although this may be considered rude; you shouldn’t worry too much. Think of it as you were including them into your space. Remember to have some slippers ready for them, and make sure to have an area where they can comfortably remove their shoes. 

Keeping all those germs outside your home is simple! We know that you work hard enough to keep your house tidy, so why should you spend extra time cleaning it?

If you are thinking about giving to your carpet a more thorough clean; at Elite Cleanpro we have what you need. So next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Palm Desert; think about us! For estimates please call (760) 989-1303.

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