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A vacuum cleaner it’s a mandatory appliance that will keep your carpet in great conditions and as you know, your constant care will reflect in that tidy and elegant look only carpeting can give to your home. 

There are different types of vacuum cleaners and each one responds to different needs. Do you know which one suits you better? At Elite Clean Pro in Palm Springs we always care about your carpet that’s why we made this post that will help you to choose the perfect vacuum cleaner.


You won’t find more power suction elsewhere, which makes it perfect for non carpeted areas like tiles and wood and other hard floor surfaces. On the other side, its canister could make it difficult to move it around your home.


This is the most popular model in America and it’s not difficult see why. They have a larger bag, which means you won’t have to change frequently plus its powerful motor gives you the suction you need to remove debris. Although its heavy weight could be a disadvantage. 


If you don’t like to carry around heavy vacuums this one is for your. Its light weight makes it ideal for quick cleanings and you can take it to every place of your home. On the downside its power suction may not be what you need, especially in heavy carpeted areas. 


The future has arrived with these curious vacuums that look like straight out of a science fiction book. You can program them to clean your home, yet they don’t have much suction power plus they are very expensive.  

So now you know! Next time you are considering to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home consider these descriptions so you can be sure you are taking the right vacuum cleaner to your house. 

Don’t forget that professional cleaning is also recommended at least twice a year. When was the last time you called the pros? At Elite Clean Pro our one of a kind cleaning system is the answer you were looking to get rid of stubborn stains and it will also give to your carpet the maintenance it needs. So next time you are looking for the best carpet cleaning in Palm Desert give us a call at (760) 989-1303.

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