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Stains in our carpet are never fun. However, there are some that are even more annoying than others! In this post, Elite Cleanpro has the list of the worst substances you can ever find in your flooring, so you can be extra careful with them and keep your carpet clean.

The Toughest Carpet Stains


Blood is vital for us, but not for our carpets. If a mishap were to happen, act on the stain as soon as possible to get it out (after you tend to the injury and make sure everything is ok).


This is the worst offender. We love it on hamburgers, sandwiches and/or hot dogs, but that bright yellow taste comes at a price! Handle it carefully and use a plate to eat those meals.


Coffee is a great way to get that energy boost in the mornings. The thing is that, in our sleepy wander, we may spill it on our carpet, leaving a brown, messy stain that will hunt us.


Ink is a stubborn substance that will stop at nothing until it’s made everything around it dirty. This is why they’re so horrifying, no matter where you find them (clothing, purse, carpet, etc.). 

Kool Aid

If you have small children, it’s probable that they like Kool Aid. The thing is, kids also love running around! Set ground rules at home so the colorful Kool Aid doesn’t get to your floor.

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If, after your best efforts, these substances have left their stainful mark on your floor, don’t worry! The Elite Cleanpro team is here to make your carpet good as new. Call (760) 501-7843 to get the best service and results in carpet cleaning in Palm Desert.

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